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The Best Team of Qualified Gulf Experienced Technicians with latest technology

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Racking System

Innovative solutions for Hypermarket and Supermarket Display Racks,Textile Racks,Bakery and Pharmacy Racks.

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Glass Glazing & ACP Works

Best and qualified professionals with vast Experience in Glass Glazing,ACP & Name board works

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Aluminium & Steel Farbrication

Professional and Industry standard solutions for Aluminium,Glass and Steel Fabrication

Our Products

South Kerala's First Showroom For Display Racks & Shelves

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Rack 1

Maximum Display using Minimum Space and durable for many years to come.

project 3

Supermarket Display Racks

Perfect Display options using maximum utilization of space and conveneance for user.Quality material for durable racks and displays.

project 4

Supermarket Display Racks

Island Displays for perfect display and user conveneance.Maximum utilization of space and attractive designs.

project 5

Wall Mounting Displays.

Wall Mounting Options for Textile Displays.Maximum display using exact utilization of space.

project 6

Textile Racks

Wall displays for textiles, and showrooms. Trendy design and durable quality materials.

project 7

Textile Dummies.

project 8

Curved Bakery Display.

project 9

Optical Shop

project 10

Supermarket Display Racks

project 11

Trolley Basket.

All types of Supermarket Trolleys and Baskets.Perfect design and quality material for durable and long lasting performance.

project 12

Fruit & Vegetable rack

Designed for perfect display and manufactured by quality material, we can ensure durability for these Fruits and Vegetable racks.

project 13

ACP Counter

project 14

Magazine Racks

Maximum display and minimum space, durable product made using quality material.

project 15

ACP Counter




project 16

Cash Counter

Durable item with attractive design and convineant for user.

project 17

Heavy Duty Racks

Durable and Strong with convinient design  for perfect display.

project 18

Fabrication work

project 19

Cash Counter

Convinence for user and attractive design.

project 20

AC Rack

Attractive display using strong and durable racks which give perfect look and more convineance.

project 21

Electronic items Rack

High quality material for durability and strength.

project 22

Fruit & Vegitable rack

Attractive display options using minimum space and maximum convinience with quality material.

project 23

Glass Glazing & ACP Works

Experience in Big projects, here and abroad give us the confidence to perform exceeding the expectation of our clients.

project 24

Glass Glazing & ACP Works

Projects delivered successfully to many prestigious clients all over Kerala.

project 25

Glass Glazing & ACP Works

As per your budget, perfect quality work from Gulf experienced Experts.

project 26

Shoe Racks

project 27

ACP Pillar with Glass Shelves

project 28

Shop Front and Mannequines

  • project 1

    Supermarket Dispaly Racks

  • project 2

    Supermarket Dispaly Racks

  • project 3

    Supermarket Dispaly Racks

  • project 9

    Supermarket Dispaly Racks

  • project 4

    Textile Display Racks

  • project 5

    Textile Display Racks

  • project 6

    Textile Display Racks

  • project 26

    Textile Display Racks

  • project 27

    Textile Display Racks

  • project 8

    Aluminium Fabrication work

  • project 10

    Shopping Trolley & Baskets

  • project 12

    Cash counter

  • project 14

    Cash counter

  • project 15

    Cash counter

  • project 18

    Cash counter

  • project 11

    Fruit & Vegetable racks

  • project 21

    Fruit & Vegetable racks

  • project 13

    Magazine racks

  • project 16

    Heavy duty racks

  • project 19

    Heavy duty racks

  • project 20

    Heavy duty racks

  • project 17

    Glass Glazing & ACP Works

  • project 22

    Glass Glazing & ACP Works

  • project 23

    Glass Glazing & ACP Works

  • project 24

    Glass Glazing & ACP Works

  • project 7

    Bakery counter

  • project 25

    Shoe Racks

Who We Are?

The Committed Professionals

Experienced professionals having vast experience in Gulf, provides innovative and quality solutions, to serve you better. Aluco Racking Systems having its main office at Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) is the Authorized dealers in South Kerala for Velca Racks which is popular for its quality standards. We deals in Supermarket racks, Supermarket displays, hypermarket racks and displays, Fruits and Vegetable racks, Textile racks, Textile dummies, Bakery racks, Bakery displays, pharmacy racks, cash counters, Magazine racks, heavy duty racks etc. We assure quality and timely service with a professional touch.

We also provide our service in Aluminium Fabrication works, Steel Fabrication works, Glass glazing, ACP works, Name board works etc. You can rely on us for our best service always.

About Us


This is an Auspicious Occasion for all of us at the 'aluco'. We Introduce our New Project 'Aluco Racking Systems'. The Aluminium Fabrication in its 25th year, and what a better way to took off this year with one of the most advanced racking system in our industry. We are one of the oldest , most respected, most credible and the only foreign experienced skilled workers in the industry. We also provide services like Racks, Shelves, Slot board & Accessories, Fruits & Vegetable stand, Cash Counter, Shopping Trolley, Clothes rack, Display Equipments, Library rack and all other accessories with international quality for Hypermarket, Supermarket, Textiles, Shopping Centre, Pharmacy, Bakery and all the other shops. We are thrilled with this project because of your faith in the 'Alucos' platform. Aluco as a brand and has been growing in its strength and we try to shares common goals and values.

SERVICES :: Super Market Display Racks Commercial Shelving Shopping Trolley / Baskets Garment Shelving & Accessories Library / Magazine Racks Fruit & Vegetable Racks Slot Board & Accessories Checkout Counter Glass Structural Glazing ACP Cladding & All Kinds of Aluminium & Steel Fabrication Works

We're The Authorized Dealer Of Velca Products In South Kerala

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